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Zack Highstreet August 3rd, 2007 4:14 pm ET

Allah's Judgment On Disbelief and the Disbelievers

The idea that we of the non-Islamic world can reason with or buy good will in the Islamic world will fail. We won't be able to win hearts and minds any way we try. Why? The Islamic god, Allah, has divided the world into believers vs. infidels and into dar al Islam ( the house of Islam ) and dar al Harb ( the House of War i.e., where jihad must be waged to put infidels into submission and where Islamic law, sharia, needs to be put into place)

Anyone not Muslim is a dirty infidel by the eternal commands of Allah in the Qur'an. Here's the proof:

The Koran (Pickthall translation) says that disbelievers (non-Muslims) are
“worst of created beings” (98:6), are “miscreants” (2:99, 24:55), are the "worst beasts in Allah’s sight" (8:22, 8:55); (some Christians and/or Jews were) turned into “apes and/or pigs” (2:65-66, 5:58-60, 7:166); are like "frightened donkeys chased by a lion" (74:50-51); are "worse than cattle" (7:179); are like dogs (7:176); "they (idolators) are unclean" (9:28); “evil” is upon them (16:27), evil (2:91, 2:99); “wicked” (80:42, 9:125); the “wrong-doers” (42:45, 2:254, 5:45); evil-doers (42:44); evil-livers (5:59); they have no good in them (8:23); are “guilty” for disbelieving (45:31, 83:29); on the side of Satan and are fighting for him (4:76-77); of the party of Satan (58:19); Allah assigns them devils for protecting friends (7:27); they choose devils for protecting friends (7:30); are partisan against Allah (25:55); are the “enemy” and “perverted” (63:4); have disgraced lives (22:9); are hypocrites (4:61); have a “diseased heart” (2:10, 9:125); are ill (84:20); are deaf, dumb, and blind, and have no sense (2:171); deaf and dumb and in darkness, Allah sends them astray (6:39); they have no sense (5:103, 10:100); a folk who do not understand (9:127); their fathers were unintelligent and had no knowledge or guidance (2:170, 5:104); are “a folk without intelligence”/ “most ignorant” (8:65, 6:111); losers who are deceived by Allah (2:6), and deceived by Satan (4:60); Allah sends devils against them to make them do evil (19:83); Allah cursed them for their unbelief (2:88-89), liars/they lie (2:10, 4:50, 9:42, 16:39, 16:105, 59:11), “losers” (5:53, 7:178-179); foolish and liars (7:66), liars and losers (58:18-19), in false pride and schism (38:2), among the lowest (58:20); the lowest of the low (95:4-6).

In reading those insults, keep the following points in mind:

These insults apply to disbelievers because they are disbelievers (disbelief is the worst crime); the insults are assumed to be the words of Allah and are therefore true of disbelievers for all time, until the Last Day; the disbelievers cannot do anything to improve Allah’s perception of them (He does not accept the good works of the disbelievers, see 5:5, 18:104-106, also 18:30, 33:19, 47:1-4, 47:32), except to believe in and obey Allah; and the insulting adjectives refer to the inherent character traits of disbelievers.

With all these examples of Allah's view of disbelief and the unbelievers, is it any surprise what we see jihadis do and what we hear the Islamic world say about us over and over again?

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